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Azare Dear Joni,

Belvidere I have a story about Henry Dean who came to our yoga class – Yoga Heart Studio – owner Selise Stewart. Henry knocked on Selise’s door and said he would like to learn yoga. Henry was 89 when he asked that question. He is now 91, soon to be 92 in August, and comes two days a week and had Selise set up a home practice for him. He is the most amazing, wonderful, brave person we have known. He is a true inspiration to all of us. You should see him, the yoga has totally changed his life. He use to live in the Tanglewood/Memorial area and now is living a full life at the Buckingham. Most of Selise’s students live in the memorial/Tanglewood area. Anyone who tells me that they cannot do yoga because they are not flexible I say let me tell you about Henry Dean. I feel this would be an uplifting and great story to share while giving courage to senior citizens to step out of their comfort zone.

Gretchen Odum

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Yoga Heart Studio is a haven of peace in our chaotic world. Selise Stewart is an excellent teacher - skilled, knowledgeable, and caring. Iyengar Yoga Asanas are accessible to all students. Props are often used so that the student can experience and achieve each pose. Yoga Heart Studio also offers massage therapy with Austin Kayser and Rossiter sessions are available. Selise invites noted teachers in meditation, Yamuna, and Yoga. Come and see for yourself what a wonderful place this is.
Pam Graham
A unique gem of knowledge and traditional yoga asana practice in a city overwhelmed by hot yoga and yoga-aerobics. By far one of my favorite places to practice. Beautiful teachers and students. Love this sweet studio.
Kristin Downes
YHS is a wonderful community and safe space for practice. Each class is a real learning opportunity. Selise is a gifted teacher and leader.
Michelle Vitale
Wonderful studio! I'm so thankful for the person who first referred me to Selise at Yoga Heart Studio. When I first came, I could barely bend and was horribly overweight. I was so stiff and frankly, embarrassed to be in such a state! But Selise was always upbeat, encouraging and supportive. She helped me to be successful where I was. That was over 1 year ago. I've been faithful about coming and have made tremendous progress! Thanks, Selise!
Deborah Riggs Gremillion
This is not your usual yoga class. I have been to 11 sessions this year and have learned much about my body and how to be stronger, more flexible and in alignment. It's a class but you receive individual instruction from Selise. This works for all ages and levels of fitness!!! You can try 3 sessions for only $20.
Mallory Shaddix
Selise knows each of her students by name and gives individual instruction and encouragement to everyone throughout class. This level of attention is what makes her classes special.
Holly Sweet
In just the few months I've been attending Yoga Heart Studio, I feel so much better and my body is improving steadily after 13 years of ballet and then a subsequent 10+ years of little exercise. Selise is a fantastic teacher and the other students are so kind and helpful, even the veterans...they don't pass any judgment and are there to continuously improve. I couldn't recommend this studio enough!
Mallory Fisher Cowell
Yoga Heart Studio is a jewel. I was looking for a studio with trained and knowledgeable instructors, and Selise and her staff are all that and more. A wealth of knowledge and a personal touch. The workshops and other special classes are unique and provide a special opportunity to learn and experience new and deeper levels of practice. Not to be missed.
Brian Burch
I am completely rejuvenated by Yoga Heart Studio's restorative yoga and meditation class!  I came away deeply, deeply comforted and feeling blissful.  I track the quality of my sleep with a fitness tracker, and my sleep quality  following the class was off the charts!
In just the few months I've been attending Yoga Heart Studio, I feel so much better and my body is improving steadily after 13 years of ballet and then a subsequent 10+ years of little exercise. Selise is a fantastic teacher and the other students are so kind and helpful, even the veterans...they don't pass any judgment and are there to continuously improve. I couldn't recommend this studio enough!
Having a long time meditation practice including mindfulness, centering prayer and loving kindness meditation, I was drawn to the guided weekly meditation class with Nina Patel. My previous experience with guided meditation was unfruitful. Perhaps the student wasn’t ready. Then the teacher appeared! Nina unlocks creative potential and energy via guided imagery, active imagination and sound healing. Nina also shares her heart, authenticity, depth of experience and connection with sacred mystery. This has been a transformational experience for me! Also a big thanks to Selise Stewart for creating a space, Yoga Heart Studio, that facilitates union of the body, mind and soul.
First of all, thank you so much for inviting me to this class. I'm so glad Unity will be offering their space so more people will be able to experience this magic. I have to give a BIG THANK YOU to Selise Stewart and Nina Patel for their amazing Restorative Yoga Asana/Pranayama & Guided Meditation! I have taken this monthly offering twice and have walked out of class both times in awe by the whole experience. Selise's knowledge of anatomy, creative use of props and superb direction is perfect example of mastery of skills. Nina's guided meditations will help you to drop into a state of consciousness rarely reached. Her velvety voice, years of experience and beautiful energy help to lure one into complete comfort. I absolutely love this monthly class! I haven't found anything like it in Houston. Much love to these ladies and what they share with the yoga community.
This class is a great value, offering 3 classes for the price of 1 : instruction in restorative poses, instruction in pranayama, and instruction in yogic meditation and the chakras. Any one of these subjects could make a complete class. The restorative poses are geared toward anyone who wants to practice long holds, even if they are not very flexible or experienced in yoga. The poses are fitted to the student so that even a new comer can go into long holds and receive the relaxing, opening, and stretching benefits. Pranayama is often left out of yoga classes, but here simple practices are taught in detail so that they can be continued at home. The pranayama taught has a profound calming and concentrating effect on the mind. You have to come try these practices to experience for yourself their powerful effect on the mind. And the meditation is also taught well, and give techniques directly from the yoga tradition relating to the chakras, and spiritual energies of the body. The whole class is a spiritual feast moving from relaxing and opening the body, to centering the mind, and then harmonizing the spiritual energies. The class ends with a sensational dessert - floating away on a green wave of bliss!
I attend Yoga Heart Studio because of the professional integrity of the instructors.  Selise Stewart has helped me gain a better insight and awareness into movement patterns that I have incorporated into my everyday life.  She has given me tools and direction on how to correct  my hypermobility and other movements that have caused me pain and discomfort.  To me it is better than a doctor or physical therapist.  Selise has the compassion and patience to help you work through difficult blocks that are not easy to correct.  I have never had an experience at any other Yoga Studio where so much individual attention has been given in a class.  My experience with YHS  has been both rewarding and challenging.  It has enhanced my well being and given me more awareness and mindfulness.  I have become aware of many new subjects like Yamuna, Chakra Meditation, Pranayamana, Bhagavad Gita and more through workshops offered at the studio.  I highly recommend Yoga Heart Studio to anyone who wants to improve their posture and enhance their spiritual growth.
Sheryl Stringer

Yoga Heart Studio is a wonderful place to learn and practice yoga.  Selise is a knowledgeable, thoughtful teacher with heart and patience.  Her classes have helped me improve my alignment, strength and flexibility over the years.  She also has wonderful teachers at her studio who provide complementary services to yoga.  I highly recommend Yoga Heart Studio!

Sarah O’Dell