Yoga Heart Studio Houston
17 Feb 2016

I attend Yoga Heart Studio because of the professional integrity of the instructors.  Selise Stewart has helped me gain a better insight and awareness into movement patterns that I have incorporated into my everyday life.  She has given me tools and direction on how to correct  my hypermobility and other movements that have caused me pain and discomfort.  To me it is better than a doctor or physical therapist.  Selise has the compassion and patience to help you work through difficult blocks that are not easy to correct.  I have never had an experience at any other Yoga Studio where so much individual attention has been given in a class.  My experience with YHS  has been both rewarding and challenging.  It has enhanced my well being and given me more awareness and mindfulness.  I have become aware of many new subjects like Yamuna, Chakra Meditation, Pranayamana, Bhagavad Gita and more through workshops offered at the studio.  I highly recommend Yoga Heart Studio to anyone who wants to improve their posture and enhance their spiritual growth.

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