Yoga Heart Studio Houston
24 Jul 2016

This class is a great value, offering 3 classes for the price of 1 : instruction in restorative poses, instruction in pranayama, and instruction in yogic meditation and the chakras.
Any one of these subjects could make a complete class. The restorative poses are geared toward anyone who wants to practice long holds, even if they are not very flexible or experienced in yoga. The poses are fitted to the student so that even a new comer can go into long holds and receive the relaxing, opening, and stretching benefits. Pranayama is often left out of yoga classes, but here simple practices are taught in detail so that they can be continued at home. The pranayama taught has a profound calming and concentrating effect on the mind. You have to come try these practices to experience for yourself their powerful effect on the mind. And the meditation is also taught well, and give techniques directly from the yoga tradition relating to the chakras, and spiritual energies of the body.

The whole class is a spiritual feast moving from relaxing and opening the body, to centering the mind, and then harmonizing the spiritual energies. The class ends with a sensational dessert – floating away on a green wave of bliss!

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