Yoga Heart Studio Houston
26 May 2016

I met Tiffany a few weeks back. I’ve never had reiki before and was a little curious about Angelic Reiki. We were at a health fair together and some of my friends did a 20 minute session with her. They all enjoyed the experience. I decided to try it out and am so glad I did. I did the Angelic Reiki and the chakra crystals release. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it, it was like my body had been plugged into an electric socket. The energy flowing through my body was amazing. This lady has a real talent. After we finished my body was still tingling and I’ve felt glowy ever since. I was very privileged to have Jesus and Paramahansa Yogananda show up either side of me and have wonderful healing ascendants. Can’t say I understand all this yet, but with such great gurus to call upon for help, wow! Another interesting element is the links between Tiffany’s work and a recent vedic astrology reading i had done. Mind blowing stuff if you are open to this. If you are not open to all the offerings of the universe I would still highly recommend this treatment, you will feel more relaxed than you could imagine and this will benefit your body for much longer than the one hour session. Try it out! Be kind to your body.

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