Yoga Heart Studio Houston

Richard JonesWho I am

I am a 61-year-old fitness specialist with over 35 years of experience in the wellness industry. I am a former Army sergeant who has focused on boot camp type exercises, cycling and flexibility. I have been training, teaching and lecturing since 1981 about all types of fitness regimens.

Why I do this

The reason I love to train, is to watch the progress of my clients. It gives me great joy to see them go from only being able to do a few pushups or run a couple of steps, to entering a fitness competition. I thrive on the excitement of my clients when they realize what they can actually achieve. It all starts with their belief in themselves. I am the instrument that pushes them.

What I can do for you

If you allow me to work with you, if you are truly invested in what you want to achieve, there are no limits. There is no place that you and I together, cannot get to. I will show you proper form and technique, and things you haven’t seen before. My training methods are not always conventional, but they are extremely effective.