Yoga Heart Studio Houston
Yamuna for the hips

Hip, Hip Hooray!
Yamuna Body Rolling for the Pelvis & Beyond (Pelvis & Legs)

Thursday March 22nd 10:30am – Noon

$55, $45 before 2/11

Create freedom and movement in the hip joint and lower body with Yamuna Body Rolling. Yoga often focuses on hip opening, but what does this really mean? How does tension in this area affect other areas, including knees and back, and even my yoga? Using the Yamuna Method, we will roll through each muscle in the lower body to better understand how they work together to create ease of movement. The soft balls allow you to sink and let go, as your body weight provides traction to release chronic tension, get into hidden spaces, and restore length and space. You leave feeling great and with a sense of ease in your entire body.

Don’t let discomfort in your hips, knees and ankles keep you from doing the activities you love most. Join Michelle Gregovic as we roll our way to a healthy, strong and pain-free body with Yamuna® Body Rolling. This work is great for men, women, athletes and beginners, and is a great compliment to your current practice.

Come experience the relief of Yamuna® Body Rolling and learn how to use this powerful technique to problem-solve for your own body so you can feel better at every age.
Space is limited, so please register early.

Balls will be provided for use during the workshop and can be purchased afterward, if desired. If you have your own Yamuna balls, please bring them.