Yoga Heart Studio Houston

Starts Wednesday January 18th 6:30-8PM

Pre-Requisite: January 11th Yamuna for Your Beautiful Face, Skull, Jaw & Sinus

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There is so much stress and tension in the face.With time it gets stuck in your face and manifests in wrinkles, eye strain, tension and sinus headaches, chronic sinus congestion and of course TMJ. Get started early and to enhance the vitality of your skin, and prevent sagging and wrinkled skin!

The senses of the eyes, nose, ears and mouth are highly developed from birth for our survival. Some people have oversensitive eyes searching for when sustenance will come. Others are listening for the steps that signal food is on the way. Others have a more highly sensitive sense of smell signaling when nourishment is coming.

All of these senses connect to the mouth which we use for our main nourishment from birth and throughout life. Over time a tension between any of the organs of senses can develop and tightening patterns can begin to form. There can often be a tension between the eyes and nose resulting in sinus and eye pressure or a tension between the eyes and ears which can cause hearing problems, or a tension between the ears and nose that can cause sinus and ear infections. Clenching and grinding of the jaw is often connected to the ears and eyes.

A great self exploration of where and how you have developed facial tension patterns is to work each of the sense organs in relationship to the other ones.

While each class have a focus, there will still be a general delving into the depth of the basic work learned in the Introductory Workshop.
These focus classes will begin with a very basic routine for the face and go further in depth. Please remember that even though a specific issue (such as the jaw) is not the focus of the class, there will still be an impact on the tension found in that area due to the order in which we are introducing the detailed work weekly.

Week 1: Eye tension Jan 18th 6:30-8pm
The eyes hold a tremendous amount of tension due to all the continuous focus and strain placed on them. They are often the key to releasing jaw tension. It pays to do as much work on the eyes as possible to watch how breaking the eye patterns send a reflex to the jaw to let go.

Week 2: Eye to Ear Jan 25th 6:30-8pm
This relationship effects eye strain, tension headaches, hearing issues Inline image

Week 3: Ear To Nose Feb 1st 6:30-8pm
This addresses sinus issues as well as hearing

Week 4: Mouth to Ear Feb 8th 6:30-8pm
Finally, what everyone has been waiting for: the jaw, the mouth, the clenching, the grinding will be addressed more directly after having begun the process through the eye work in week 1.

Entire Series ONLY $120.00