Yoga Heart Studio Houston


Feel and Look Rested

Joyce Yost Ulrich

Wednesday July 20th 6-8pm   $65 or $55  before July 10th

(Purchase Ball Kits from Jo for $35 at Workshop)


Recent studies have shown that the reason our face wrinkles as we age is due to bone loss in the face. Using YBR™’s intention towards bone, lifting and taking pressure off the sinus, eyes and jaw, this work improves function as well as aesthetics. Work the face, neck and skull to experience the therapeutic and rejuvenating effects

Yamuna has designed a ball with the same quality and smoothness as the skin. This is YBR™’s answer to keeping your skin toned, sinuses clear, and reducing the severity and frequency of headaches as well as TMJ syndrome. Consider it fitness, wellness and sustainability for the face­your own natural face lift.