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WomanSpeak Event

Unleashing the brilliance of women’s voices is the key to positive change in our world!

WomanSpeak Circle w/ Shanthi

Second and Fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm

Please register at

5959 Westheimer Rd. #377, Houston, TX 77057

It’s time for a public speaking training that supports women in harnessing the power and wisdom of their
bodies, and in being fully who they are, as they stand up to speak, lead and change our world. Come and experience for yourself how WomenSpeak is a unique public speaking training program specifically tailored to cater to women. This an introductory event to upcoming ongoing WomenSpeak Circle starting in February.

This is not your typical public speaking training program.

Most public speaking training programs foster a more masculine model of leadership and professionalism training. While effective for some women, far too many feel they don’t fit the mold or have to become more like men or suppress parts of themselves in order to be taken seriously and be effective as leaders. WomanSpeak’s unique curriculum is designed to support women in
becoming clear, confident and influential in their speaking. It’s effective, transformative and fun.

About Shanthi: Shanthi is a certified Yoga and Medical Qigong teacher, student and practitioner who is passionate about helping women to reconnect with their personal power and step into their full potential. Suited for all levels
of students, her classes are tailored to the needs of those who attend; taking into consideration the uniqueness of each individual’s physiological, emotional and energetic construct. She currently teaches in private, public and corporate
settings. Through her coaching she has helped many replace and restore their believe and trust in themselves to start creating their lives from the inside-out by using their personal experience and tapping into their inner wisdom for guidance.

Event Fee: $10 – Space is Limited! Register Now at: