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Back By Popular Request, Nina Patel is offering four more weeks to her Meditation Series.

Thursday Morning Guided Meditation Sessions with Nina Patel at Yoga Heart Studio

Class Time: Thursdays 9:30-10:30.
Thursday October 27th, Thursday November 3rd, 10th & 17th.
Entire Series $70
Drop ins welcome at $20
New and Active Meditation Practioners Welcome

Are you in need of reducing your stress, getting better sleep, and being more at peace? A weekly meditation class can help quiet the mind, relax your nervous system , energize your body so that you are able to handle life’s daily challenges.

Thoughts in the future result in anxiety, and depression keeps you in the past. Take this opportunity to live in the NOW. Being in the present frees you from your past and future burdens. PLUG-IN with your divine self in this weekly class and begin the conversation with your soul. You’ve waited too long.

The time is NOW.

Peace, Love, OM
Nina Patel

“Having a long time meditation practice including mindfulness, centering prayer and loving kindness meditation, I was drawn to the guided weekly meditation class with Nina Patel. My previous experience with guided meditation was unfruitful. Perhaps the student wasn’t ready. Then the teacher appeared! Nina unlocks creative potential and energy via guided imagery, active imagination and sound healing. Nina also shares her heart, authenticity, depth of experience and connection with sacred mystery. This has been a transformational experience for me! Also a big thanks to Selise Stewart for creating a space, Yoga Heart Studio, that facilitates union of the body, mind and soul.”

About Nina Patel

Nina Patel is a Meditation Teacher and an Award-Winning Sound Healer. She has been meditating since her teens for her own personal growth and… many more past lives. A spiritual awakening ten years ago led her on a quest to finding truth. She practiced various types of yoga, explored energy healing modalities including chi-gong, and traveled to India. Nina now dedicates herself to teaching meditation classes, tranformational workshops, and teaching the power of mantras through music. Nina is a Usui Reiki Master, Kids Yoga Teacher, and an Ordained Minister. To learn more about Nina Patel, visit Sanskrit Mantra Music, Meditation Classes, Workshops.