Yoga Heart Studio Houston

Wrap up 2020 with the Perfect Gift to Yourself
Presented Online by Michelle Gregovic & Selise Stewart

Thursday December 17th, 9:30-11:30am $45

Wine and cheese
Coffee and biscotti
Hot chocolate and marshmallows
Winter days and fuzzy socks
Yamuna and Yoga…

Some things just go together!

Wrap up your year with the perfect pairing of Yamuna and Yoga, taught by the perfect pair of friends and teachers, Michelle and Selise!

Yamuna and Yoga compliment each other to reduce stress and tension while improving alignment and range of motion. Together, they give you the whole package this Holiday Season.

Increase your self-awareness as the balls illuminate hidden tight spots and melt them away
Release an area of the body and then take it directly into a related pose to feel the difference
Reduce effort as we strategically guide you through a whole body experience
Expand and open from the inside out as we find space through the breath

Leave 2020 behind you feeling lighter, taller, stronger, more grounded and centered.