Yoga Heart Studio Houston
Open Hips

Sunday January 27th 2-4:30 pm

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Selise and Zach are excited to start the year off by helping you open your hips to root down through the feet and find a sure footed connection to the ground. If you open the hips in a balanced way, you can connect the ribs and spine to the legs to create a supple and stable foundation. Starting with Selise’s 20+ years experience teaching the Iyengar system, and Zach’s strong foundation in Ashtanga, we’ll take a look at traditional yoga poses and how they offer a place to learn about the connections of the body, and how, applying Spatial Medicine principles of fascial connection, we can expand into strength. Expect to leave with a new understanding of the anatomy of your hips and how they’re connected through your body, and with direct practical experience about how to apply that understanding to both your yoga practice and daily life.