Yoga Heart Studio Houston
Houston Yoga Abundance Workshop

Please join us for a Sound Healing Class taught by Certified Meditation Teacher, Nina Patel.

Cost: $45
Sunday, April 15th from 3-5 pm

Using pranayama and mantra meditation, Nina Patel will lead you through opening and connecting with your energetic body. You’ll deepen your meditation experience with a call-to-response group chanting that will allow your inner voice, your divine voice, to be heard. This meditation practice has a tremendous amount of healing benefits that will not only take you to a DEEP relaxed state, but is very therapeutic for “letting go” of trapped emotions. It’s one of Nina’s favorite meditation styles and she is excited to be bringing this ancient practice to you. Join us for an afternoon of self-discovery, self-healing, and self-love with SACRED SOUND.

Wear comfortable clothes.