Yoga Heart Studio Houston

April 22-23, 9AM-6PM

with Founder Richard Rossiter


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Learn the Root Cause of Stress, Pain & Immobility, and Fix It!

A Great Tool For Health & Fitness Professionals:

Pilates, Yoga, Professional Dancers, Personal & Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage and Body Workers

Discover how these powerful connective tissue release techniques can reduce stress, alleviate pain, and improve functional mobility. Learn to use your foot as an efficient tool to reverse, prevent, and alleviate pain of most common head-to-toe problems with these specialized two person techniques.

Enhance what you do, begin a new career, or attend for personal enrichment. Leave this workshop with your body feeling great!

Richard Rossiter is a former chronic pain sufferer, who developed this work as his own journey out of pain. A Certified Advanced Rolfer, Richard innovated this technique under the watchful eye of a neurologist. This work gives the practitioner a powerful, common-sense approach to relieving the biggest medical problem plaguing our society-pain and immobility.

Join us in this inaugural launch of Rossiter System training in Houston – with Founder Richard Rossiter!

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