Yoga Heart Studio Houston

Presented by Karin Locher

15% discount offered to YHS members and CSFM post graduates and students)
This workshop teaches how thought and mind-set influence and effect the neuro-myo-fascia, thereby effecting us physiologically. Through the function of our imagination, mind-body exercises and sensory language, you will recognize how what you think and what you imagine postures the body into its fascial form. Learn to alter tensional patterns and restrictions through the mind-set. Understand the influence of the mind on our health and performance, and learn the tools that we have to change things.
Date: February 8-9 2020
Cost: 460 USD Early Bird price until 13 December thereafter 540 USD
Venue: Pilates Treehouse Fascial PlayGround, 108 W 10th 1/2 Street, Houston, TX Local Contact & Bookings: Selise Stewart Yoga Heart Studio: 281-687-0647