Yoga Heart Studio Houston

In this free class, you’ll experience a complete set of Qi Gong exercises for balancing and harmonizing your energetic system, and learn some of the basic theory behind the practices. Rooted in classical Daoist philosophy, this form of Qi Gong is designed not only to enhance health and well being, but also calm the spirit.
This class is a preview of what we’ll be offering in an upcoming six-week series.

What is Qi Gong?
Qi gong means ‘energy skill.’ It refers both to the ability to consciously control one’s Qi, or energy, and the practices that help one cultivate that ability.
The practices involve conditioning the body, regulating the breath, and focusing the mind, the combination of which lead to a healthier body and a more peaceful state of mind.

Student Perspectives:
“I would recommend this class. Qi Gong is good for you and my instructors are kind, patient, knowledgeable so the class is fun and useful. I wanted to become more aware of my body and how energy moves through it and connects to my environment… learn to focus, develop, and better utilize my Qi. I’ve really enjoyed becoming more self aware and in tune with my body, and practicing with a group.”
-Tracee Beaumont, L.Ac

“I have enjoyed the feeling of the Qi going through my body, and the feeling of wellness after each practice… I am truly understanding and experiencing in my own body the nature of Qi, and how it moves.”
Catalina Silva, MBA

What to expect:
This class will include a guided experience of the Wu Xing (Five Element) Qi Gong set, as well as some gentle stretching and body conditioning, and a brief discussion of the nature and purpose of Qi Gong.
What to bring:
-Comfortable, non-restrictive clothes
-Yoga Mat (there will be some available as well)
-Water (there is a water fountain as well)
Note: Please plan to arrive by 6:15, to allow time to settle in.
Got questions? Give David a call at 832-803-7230, or email: david(at)