Yoga Heart Studio Houston

A phenomenal workshop experience!

Inspired by Authentic Relating, the World Eye Contact Experiment, and Nonviolent Communication. 

In this experience-based workshop, you’ll be guided through partner and group practices that help folks drop beneath the layer of small talk, to find the kind of felt connection with each other many of us silently long for, but rarely get. 

Meanwhile, you’ll birth a new subtlety of awareness, discernment, and relational skill that will transfer into your life- turning on the lights in all your relationships. Expect at least one ‘a-ha’ moment, that’ll change the way you approach relating with people forever.

You’ll come to…

– Speak your truth with grace and skill.

– Cultivate grounded, magnetic presence.

– Have fun and laugh.

– Honor boundaries, yours and other’s .

– Discover new keys to human connection .

You’ll access…

– Mind-blowing, transformational conversations – How 

to have them consistently!

– Shared meditative experiences.

– ‘Get to know you’ games.

– Poignant empathy with other participants.

– Overcome *tiny* social fears to give you BIG feelings of 


– Relationships as a unique path to personal (r)evolution.

You’ll likely feel a bond with this group by the end of it, and probably make at least one new friend. It’s also a great workshop to bring a friend to!