Yoga Heart Studio Houston

YBR Rolling for the Feet

“Rebuilding Healthy Foot Function”

with Joyce Yost Ulrich

Wednesday, February 24th 6-8pm

$65 or $55 if you have the foot wakers EBS before 2/10
$115 or $105 if you need the foot wakers EBS before 2/10

“How your feet function directly effects your hips. When your feet are alive, relaxed and energized, this translates all the way up into your hips.”   Yamuna Zake

In this YBR Session You WILL Learn & Explore how to:

  • Measure your ability to use your entire foot when you walk
  • Stimulate and align your heels for a better sense of grounding
  • Learn how to rebuild the lateral side of your feet to begin to form your arches. Once the outside of your feet functions well your arches immediately start to lift
  • Develop your transverse arches
  • Strengthen and stretch each toe so that you can actually use them for thrust forward movement in walking
  • Learn how to problem solve and selfheal most common foot problems in this class. You will experience improved gait, foot alignment, and leave knowing how to continuously retrain and improve your feet

Your Feet are Your Foundation. They Support & Motivate YOU by Being Responsive, Reactive and Resilient. 

We LOVE OUR Happy Feet!

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