Yoga Heart Studio Houston

Myofascial Communication Through the “Gateway” of the Pelvis
An ONLINE Workshop for Teachers & Students of Yoga and/or Pilates

Presented by: Fiona McIntosh

Sunday February 7th, 9:30-11:30am $55.00 USD

Yoga Heart Studio Proudly Presents International Guest Yoga and Pilates Instructor Fiona McIntosh.

Fiona is particularly interested in the health and well being of of the PELVIS.

After personally experiencing two accidents and a major surgery, one of Fiona’s passions is dedicating her deep studies and teachings to the health & healing of the Pelvis, a most “Sacred Space” of the body.
The pelvis is a throughway of communication from the feet to the rib-cage, from the hands to the sacrum and each hip needs to support the other. By paying attention to fascial loops and connective tissue through mindful movement we can re-store the natural ease of the pelvis.

This two hour workshop will focus on allowing the bones of the pelvis to be where they want to be, allowing the hammock/loop of the pelvic floor to “auto-regulate” itself to support you, whilst allowing all the surrounding soft tissue to re-balance for strong, flexible legs and a long spine with less effort!

Fiona McIntosh is a teacher of fascial movement. She has been teaching Pilates for 16 years (having certified with Body Balance, Polestar Education & Centre for Spatial Medicine) and yoga for 4 years (having certified with Clare Murphy Yoga and YAP registered). Fiona is a Senior Faculty Teacher for Centre for Spatial Medicine. She is also a level 1 teacher of iRest Meditation. Her thirst for knowledge about the mechanics of the body has led her to further study with Tom E Myers’ Anatomy Trains; Robert Schleip’s Fascial Fitness; Fascial Stretch with Ann & Chris Frederick; Fascial Release Therapy with Steven Goldstein; Continuum with Emilie Conrad. She now holds a Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and is currently embarking on a Massage Therapy Course which inevitably will lead her to work with scar tissue.