Yoga Heart Studio Houston

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Original Tai Chi, Traditional Approach
with Sabra Yarbrough
Wednesday’s  6:30-7:45PM
Walk ins Welcome! 
  • Relax deeply while developing tremendous leg and core strength through Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chen, long form)
  • Tai Chi meaning “Supreme Ultimate” represents the principle of seeming opposites to always be complimentary and connected in nature. Adding quan at the end for taijiquan signifies the “fist” element adding the kungfu (technique and martial application) to the practice.
  • Tai Chi and yoga philosophies are quite similar, but in tai chi, focus is given to continuous movement and the interaction between the internal and the external much more than in the practice of yoga poses. This makes Tai Chi a very grounding exercise.
  • Flow and awareness will be your guides to learning how to use this powerful tool in your life and as a martial art.
  • The class benefits those looking for more balance (both physical and mental) who want to gain power of awareness in the present moment.
  • This class is also a good guide to meditation but includes the physical benefits of qigong (exercises that increase energy levels).
  • This class will cover important exercises and a step by step guide to the Tai Chi Chen long form (about 30 minutes when complete). It takes only one move to get started.