Yoga Heart Studio Houston


Get Your Stretch ON Houston! with Wayne Campbell at Yoga Heart Studio

Friday February 12th, 6:00-7:15PM

The Campbell Flex Stretch Revolution Workshops are designed to address the muscles, tendons and joints in areas of your body that lack flexibility, joint mobility, strength, and balance.
Innovative, Practical, Focused, Resistance, Movement-Based stretches to strengthen and increase your flexibility. Muscle Flexibility leads to Joint Mobility.Remember, a flexible muscle is much stronger than a tight/contracted muscle. By improving the flexibility of the muscles, you improve the mobility of the joint.

This is where yoga meets stretching, deep tissue massage meets fascia release, and your muscles meet their true flexibility.

Unwind what you tighten up. Reverse the tight, inflexible, immobile state of muscles, tendons, and joints into fully functioning, pain-free, flexible, strong, youthful muscles, tendons, and joints with the
Campbell Flex Stretch Revolution Workshop.

Wayne believes that stretching, yoga, and massage are essential to the health and longevity of any athlete or anyone seeking to live a pain-free life. His unique CAMPBELL FLEX STRETCH REVOLUTION allows for amazing results in the relaxation and opening of tight muscles, tendons, and joints. “A flexible muscle is much stronger than a tight contracted muscle. These stretches will increase flexibility, mobility, release tension, eliminate chronic pain & tightness, compliment a person’s yoga practice by allowing the body to go deeper into each yoga pose, and help the body’s natural energy flow more freely.

Brilliant Instruction & Sequencing for the Health and Well Being of Your Asana Practice. Students from All Yoga Systems Welcomed & Encouraged to Attend this Special Event!