Yoga Heart Studio Houston

In this Two Hour Class You will learn easy-to-remember and apply techniques to Diminish Physical Pain, Clear Emotional Trauma, and Elevate Consciousness.. Reframe & Recontextualize Memories – Via Tapping with Faster EFT & Ho’Oponopono.

Saturday, Oct. 21st 3-5 pm
5959 Westheimer, Suite 377
$50 per person at the Door

Join those who are benefitting from these recent advances in Energy Medicine. Learn how combining 2 simple protocols (FasterEFT+ACT) can enhance your life. In this class we will cover the Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, Emotionally Focused Transformation, and the Hawaiian Self-Cleaning process known as Ho’Oponopono.

Gently Tapping on a few of the Body’s Energy Meridians with the Affirmation Cementing Technique often results in dramatic healing. Calibrating at 600 on the Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, ‘Ho’Oponopono with Name’ relieves stress, dissolves emotional trauma, and enhances self-esteem. Surprisingly simple & easy to learn– with Results in Minutes.

Facilitator George B. Thomas is a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics and Certified Hypnotist, using Faster EFT, Focused Mind Healing, etc., in clinical & remote (Skype) Sessions by appointment.

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