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Woman ear coning procedure

Ear Coning Workshop
Presented by Heather Sievers

Heather Sievers

Sunday, October 22nd 1-4pm $175 Pre-Pay
$200 Day of Walk in Price

Ear coning dates back to the ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Tibetan, Aztec, Mayan and American Indian cultures. Today ear coning is done by Cherokee, Mexican, European and Amish healers (German medical students are taught coning as a part of their medical practice). Many people consider ear coning as necessary a part of personal hygiene as is tooth brushing.

The eustachian tube runs from the lymphatic system up the side of the neck and into the ear canal. When this tube is backed up, many of the problems listed above occur. The tube is packed with toxins that the lymphatic system was unable to eliminate. Most people have never had these tubes cleared. What would your mouth be like it you had never brushed your teeth? How do you know when the tube is cleared out? With Ear Candling, you feel smoke/heat by the clavical bone. Once that is accomplished (normally 1 to 3 treatments of 3 pairs per treatment) the real work begins which is that of cleaning the blood (normally about 10 – 6 cone sessions).

What Coning can do for you:

  • Improved Hearing
  • Detox of Sinuses
  • Sharpen Mental Functioning
  • Sharpen All Senses
  • Helps TMJ
  • Loosens Tight Shoulder / Neck Muscles
  • Improve Balance
  • Ease Ringing in Ears
  • Ease Headaches


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