Yoga Heart Studio Houston

LOVE Your Neck & Shoulders

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by Fiona McIntosh

Hosted by Yoga Heart Studio Sunday May 23rd, 9:30-11:30am, $55.00

Why are they amorous?

Because you should always be ready to be hugged!

Arms are so important in our yoga practice, we require them to be strong and flexible – and so they should be in life too. The shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in our body but because of everyday living; driving cars, working at desks, tap-tapping our smart phones our shoulder joints become squeezed and impinged. Our arms become fixed, there is no space between our arms and our trunk for the top of the arm bone to rotate in its own socket. Because we can’t access all the muscles that support our arms we feel excessive strain in our wrists and in our elbows, across the top of our shoulders and also into our necks – and even at times in our lumbar spine.

This workshop which combines a short presentation and mindful movement, is aimed to give you a more of a picture of where the bones of your arms would ideally like to be; how to re-connect to all the supporting muscles & soft tissue and truly rotate the top of the arm bone in the shoulder socket. By restoring these connections, we can be stronger in how we move our torso and with greater freedom.