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Iyengar Level 1 & 2
Selise Stewart


Gentle Intro
Selise Stewart

Beginner YOGA 101
Selise Stewart


Iyengar Level 1
Selise Stewart

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Gentle Intro
Selise Stewart



Level 2 Yoga Class – Taught in the Iyengar Tradition
Selise Stewart


Beginner YOGA 101
Selise Stewart



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Description of Classes


YOGA  101 (Beginner Yoga Class)

Alignment Based Yoga: This class is perfect for the beginner or for students who wish to polish their existing practice. We teach students how to work from the base of each pose correctly. Students learn how to create correct muscle action to bone so that their practice is healthy and balanced to the all joints in the body while strengthening & lengthening the muscle system evenly with intelligence & awareness.

Gentle Intro

For students new to yoga who wish to work slowly in poses. This class has become very popular with students who are “stiff” and/or have specific physical limitations.

Iyengar Level 1

This class is great for students new to Iyengar yoga. With the use of props, students will practice standing, seated, and abdominal poses, while also exploring backbends and inversions.

Iyengar Level 2

This class is a progression from the Level 1 program. Sequences are more rigorous as students cultivate and improve their various poses.

Restorative Yoga

This class brings rejuvenation to the mind and the body. Students work longer, in supported Asanas(Yoga Postures). Pranayama(Breathing Exercises) at the end of the class helps students create a pure and centered mind-body experience. This class is challenging at times and is recommended to those who already have a working understanding of their body. Students from all Yoga systems welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Weekly Meditation Classes with Nina Patel

Are you in need of reducing your stress, getting better sleep, and being more at peace?    A weekly meditation class can help quiet the mind, relax your nervous system , energize your body so that you are able to handle life’s daily challenges.
Thoughts in the future result in anxiety, and depression keeps you in the past. Take this opportunity to live in the NOW.  Being in the present frees you from your past and future burdens.  PLUG-IN with your divine self in this weekly class and begin the conversation with your soul.   You’ve waited too long. The time is NOW.


Class Time:  Thursdays 9:30-10:30. Starting Sept 1st
Cost:  $100 for all 6 sessions Drop ins welcome at $20
New and Active Meditation Practioners Welcome


A unique gem of knowledge and traditional yoga asana practice in a city overwhelmed by hot yoga and yoga-aerobics. By far one of my favorite places to practice. Beautiful teachers and students. Love this sweet studio.
Kristin Downes
YHS is a wonderful community and safe space for practice. Each class is a real learning opportunity. Selise is a gifted teacher and leader.
Michelle Vitale