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Yoga Heart Studio is a Houston yoga studio located in the Briargrove/ Tanglewood/ Galleria area. We are a non-trendy Houston yoga studio with authentic teachers and offerings. Yoga Heart Studio cares about your health and well-being and we are here to help! Our yoga studio offers Classic Iyengar Yoga, Restorative Yoga Asana & Pranayama Classes, Guided Meditation Classes, Special Meditation Workshops, Monthly Yamuna Body Rolling Sessions, Monthly Vinyasa Yoga Sessions as well as SPECIAL MONTHLY Workshop Events (please browse our Event Page) . Our Services Include: Angelic Reiki, Vedic Astrology, Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Holistic Skin Care & Introspective Life Coaching. All classes and offerings at YHS are brought in so that the student may learn to experience, explore and study themselves while on their current life path.

Iyengar Yoga is the method developed and taught for over 70 years in Pune, India by world-renowned yoga master B. K. S. Iyengar, author of the classic “Light on Yoga”. This method teaches the unity of mind, body and soul. Iyengar students gain strength and reduce stress while building a strong, steady Yoga practice. Students achieve improved range of motion and flexibility as well as balanced mental and physical states of well-being through the use of props and detailed Iyengar yoga instruction.

Discover who you are with the complete practice of yoga and meditation. Sharpen your Skills and awareness on the mat by adding private yoga sessions to your practice with Selise Stewart.


This is a special yoga studio worth driving 20 miles. I do! There just are not many studios in Houston that teach yoga in this way.  This class teaches you to be your own yoga teacher, customizing the asanas to your own body.  Unlike most yoga classes, which are more like high school gymnastics classes, this is the real deal.  It's the closest you can get to sitting at the feet of actual yoga masters in India without leaving Houston.
Greg VanMeter
Yoga Heart Studio is my home away from home. And Selise Stewart is why I keep coming back. Week after week, month after month, year after year. She is a gifted teacher and a compassionate yogi. And, in my case, she worked tirelessly to help me overcome a debilitating joint disease. I love the practice of Iyengar yoga. The strength, freedom, flexibility and peace it brings to body and soul is profound.
Stephennie Anderson
Yoga Heart Studio is a wonderful place to learn and practice yoga.  Selise is a knowledgeable, thoughtful teacher with heart and patience.  Her classes have helped me improve my alignment, strength and flexibility over the years.  She also has wonderful teachers at her studio who provide complementary services to yoga.  I highly recommend Yoga Heart Studio!
Sarah O’Dell
Having a long time meditation practice including mindfulness, centering prayer and loving kindness meditation, I was drawn to the guided weekly meditation class with Nina Patel. My previous experience with guided meditation was unfruitful. Perhaps the student wasn’t ready. Then the teacher appeared! Nina unlocks creative potential and energy via guided imagery, active imagination and sound healing. Nina also shares her heart, authenticity, depth of experience and connection with sacred mystery. This has been a transformational experience for me! Also a big thanks to Selise Stewart for creating a space, Yoga Heart Studio, that facilitates union of the body, mind and soul.
I attend Yoga Heart Studio because of the professional integrity of the instructors.  Selise Stewart has helped me gain a better insight and awareness into movement patterns that I have incorporated into my everyday life.  She has given me tools and direction on how to correct  my hypermobility and other movements that have caused me pain and discomfort.  To me it is better than a doctor or physical therapist.  Selise has the compassion and patience to help you work through difficult blocks that are not easy to correct.  I have never had an experience at any other Yoga Studio where so much individual attention has been given in a class.  My experience with YHS  has been both rewarding and challenging.  It has enhanced my well being and given me more awareness and mindfulness.  I have become aware of many new subjects like Yamuna, Chakra Meditation, Pranayamana, Bhagavad Gita and more through workshops offered at the studio.  I highly recommend Yoga Heart Studio to anyone who wants to improve their posture and enhance their spiritual growth.
Sheryl Stringer


Iyengar Level 1 & 2
Selise Stewart
Yoga Floor Space for Lease Monday Mornings 
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Gentle Intro
Selise Stewart

Beginner YOGA 101
Selise Stewart


Iyengar Level 1
Selise Stewart

This Class time is Reserved for Special Workshop/Class Events
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Guided Meditation
Nina Patel

6-7:30PM (Begins October 27th)
Thursday Night Special Asana
Selise Stewart

Restorative Yoga Asana & Guided Meditation Class with Selise Stewart & Nina Patel

Thursday, November 3rd – 6:15-8:15pm

Space Limited, Please Register Here
1 x Per Month. Please Check the Event Page if the Specific Date Has Not Been Posted to This Page. THANK YOU!

Yoga Floor Space for Lease Thursday Afternoons & Evenings
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Private Sessions
Available by Appointment

Gentle Intro
Selise Stewart



Level 2 Yoga Class – Taught in the Iyengar Tradition
Selise Stewart

Beginner YOGA 101
Selise Stewart



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